My first news report: ‘Potter-ing around Gloucester Cathedral

In November, my first ever news report went out on national television on regional news.


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In what I can only describe as a stroke of luck or an absolute fluke – I managed to edit, script and broadcast my first ever news report for regional news.

When I asked my Editor if I could go along to Gloucester Cathedral’s opening of it’s new ‘Harry Potter’ themed tour – I was barely expecting a yes, let alone the fact he’d send a cameraman to come along with me.

There I was thinking I’d just be doing a sparkly web article for them!

I traipsed around the cloisters of the Cathedral half trying to pay attention to the tour guide (as any avid Potter fan would do) and half trying to think of different shots I could use in my package.

I interviewed a variant of people – including some adorable children who’s parents were kind enough to let me chat to them on camera. Everyone was in an excitable mood and many were happy to be filmed. There were also a lot of broomsticks and wands flying around too!

harry potter cathedral

Interviewing Potter fans at Glos Cathedral!

Thankfully the news feature I was to make, didn’t have a set TX date, so I didn’t have any significant time constraints, and I was left very much to my own devices to edit the piece together.

It was a funny feeling seeing the finished product in the Producer’s running order – I kept thinking it was going to get taken out. I had many colleagues coming up to me in the day expressing their congratulations and asking me how I felt, but truly, it hadn’t sunk in.

It was only as the presenters introduced the item and said the words “…Ashna Hurynag reports” was when finally it dawned on me what a big moment this was in my career. I’ll never forget it.

What an honour!

Here’s the accompanying article and report: Potter-ing around the Cathedral



Entertainment News

I got to record some bulletins whilst on an internship – all great experience and really helpful in showing me what I need to improve on. So here’s a sample of what I recorded, voila!

Here’s one from Friday 16th January, I give you the latest on the Brit Award nominations 2015, and fill you in on the gossip surrounding the Celebrity Big Brother house!

‘City Vibe Radio’ Launches

Today, our radio news team launched a new commercial station ‘City Vibe’ Radio to house all our content from radio news days.

As this week’s Interactive Editor I was trusted to create and manage all of the digital platforms our station would hold.

I decided to create Twitter and Instagram accounts, and to launch a brand new site which you can see here.

The logo for 'City Vibe' Radio

The logo for ‘City Vibe’ Radio

The content we created was of a high calibre, and our tutor’s were impressed with the show.

Working as a team has brought us closer together and I feel proud of all my peers.

We’ll be back with more content after Christmas but do have a look at all the news packages on the site in the mean time!

Well done team City Vibe!