When I met Bojo.

The moment you realise being a student journalist really has its perks!


I caught up with The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, for a chat about the new cycle cross-rail due for completion in 2016.

Check out my interview with the infamous Boris here:


The Hype: Day 3

Is anyone else struggling to keep up?elec1In recent revelations, it appears 5000 views on YouTube wasn’t enough for this SURHUL election candidate.

The viral lyric-dubbed song has annihilated the other candidate videos by smashing the competition with its mighty 27,451 views and 369 ‘thumbs-up’.  However it’s sure to rocket even more thanks to the support of BBC Radio 1’s producer Chris Stark, who played the candidate’s song live on the Scott Mills Show just after 2pm today. If that wasn’t enough, the video has also been uploaded to the BBC Radio 1 website and Twitter page.

With the Daily Mirror, The Independent and Buzzfeed all spreading the word, the power of the internet is incredible and has not ceased to amaze me in these few days.

This Royal Holloway Sabbatical candidate is truly riding the wave of success and fame. But the real question is, how will they fare in the SURHUL elections in which only Royal Holloway students are eligible to vote?

Only time will tell, but I don’t think this candidate will ever forget the events of the last few days. Who knows what this will lead to – but this is definitely one for the CV.

A x