Live Reporting: City Radio

On Tuesday 26th May, the bank holiday weekend was firmly thrust aside as the two-week radio station simulation began at City University London.


My role for this particular day was to be a reporter!

I covered the story of Ryanair’s full-year results report that was published that morning – I attended a morning press conference and did some lives while at the scene, and also a wrap and two-ways once I’d gotten back to base.

Here’s a rough package edit of some of my content:



Bleaching in Paradise

My final project for my Masters course required me to make a 15-minute radio documentary on any subject of interest. I chose the subject of skin-whitening. 


The Ivory Coast has just become the third African country to ban skin-whitening creams, following in the footsteps of Senegal and South Africa.

But despite the ban, some dangerous, and even deadly, skin lightening agents are still openly sold into the UK. In Nigeria, up to 77% of women have admitted to using skin bleach.

This year according to ONS predictions, the island of Mauritius is expected to match Nigeria as one of the biggest exporters and importers of these creams.

Ashna Hurynag, has been to find out more.

For more on the topic of Shadeism, visit:

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Fitness Trends for 2015

Bored of your “so last year” fitness regime?

Why not mix it up with some of 2015’s top exercise trends which are due to be hot to trot this year.

Check out my fitness forecast for @altfitlondon here!

altFit London

We here at altFit are committed to bringing you the latest fitness trends on the horizon – and this post is no exception.

I’ll be giving you the fitness trend forecast for 2015.

Happy sweating!


Body weight training

Kicking off with what more than 3,000 fitness professionals believe is the next big thing. This form of exercise won’t have you awkwardly crossing over to THAT weight section of the gym.

This fitness trend will incorporate adult jungle gyms and workout spaces that are scarce of dumbbells and lifting equipment. Who needs all that fancy equipment when you have the tools attached to your body?

Body weight training will use large open spaces to allow for greater suspension training options and primal movements to get core all-round body training.

In a sentence: going back to a raw form of exercise, good old-fashioned push-ups, squats and crunches.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

With our…

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Hackney Dog Kennels

For this week’s newsday, my group and I went to investigate Hackney’s new dog kennels.

This week Hackney council opened ten new kennels, providing extra shelter for the borough’s stray and abandoned dogs this winter.

With spaces for up to two hundred and fifty dogs, this should make a real difference to our furry friends during the festive season.

Mollie Malone reports.


Reporter: Mollie Malone

Producers: Ashna Hurynag & Barnaby Fry


‘City Vibe Radio’ Launches

Today, our radio news team launched a new commercial station ‘City Vibe’ Radio to house all our content from radio news days.

As this week’s Interactive Editor I was trusted to create and manage all of the digital platforms our station would hold.

I decided to create Twitter and Instagram accounts, and to launch a brand new site which you can see here.

The logo for 'City Vibe' Radio

The logo for ‘City Vibe’ Radio

The content we created was of a high calibre, and our tutor’s were impressed with the show.

Working as a team has brought us closer together and I feel proud of all my peers.

We’ll be back with more content after Christmas but do have a look at all the news packages on the site in the mean time!

Well done team City Vibe!