Journo tips: How to deal with failure

Poignant post from a fellow City Postgrad Journo. How you deal with failure is a true reflection upon yourself.

Failure is a learning and growing opportunity that is necessary for growth. As this post reiterates, pick yourself up and go for it ten times harder next time.

Return of the hack

This year, I had interviews for three graduate schemes and a six-week internship. I didn’t get a single one of them. I was extremely fortunate to be offered a five-week internship off the back of one, which I enjoyed immensely, but that’s not a clear route into a job.

I have thought about what went wrong in each interview dozens of times.Thankfully (I think) I’ve come to the conclusion that it was a slightly different thing in each one. Not enough experience in one, not enough knowledge of the paper in another – and so on, a catalogue of failures.

Does it make me feel sad that I didn’t get on a grad scheme? Of course it does. It breaks my heart to see my coursemates getting excited (and, equally, complaining) about what they’ll be doing in September – the rascals. I want to be doing it with them, I…

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‘People are all the same, and we only get judged by what we do. Personality reflects name, and if I’m ugly then – so are you.’


Would you believe that’s a Sugababes lyric?!

When a ‘lad’ decides to slur a vulgar comment at Royal Holloway, University of London’s Feminist Society, he couldn’t have anticipated the launch of one of the biggest social media campaigns of the year.

Once the ladies of the society found themselves the direct target of an insult, they took the bull by the horns and decided to reclaim the term ‘ugly‘.

Cue, a gazillion amount of selfies flooding social media sites with the hashtag, ‘UglyGirlsClub‘.


Sick of females being constantly judged purely on their image, these feminists knew better than to be hurt by the comment.

We sort of started laughing about it,” Natasha Barrett, Royal Holloway’s Feminist Society President, recalls. “And then we started sending each other very tongue in cheek selfies with the hashtag.”

Hence the birth of the ‘Ugly Girls Club’ campaign. Encouraging and empowering people to not just think of their worth in physical terms. I, for one, feel strongly that our value isn’t determined by our appearance.

People across the world (male and female alike) have picked up on the hashtag and the campaign is now almost 1,000 people strong.

These thousands of selfies range from scrunched up faces, make-up adorned faces, to the rolling of eyes – all in the name of sticking two virtual fingers up to their detractor.

Selfies have been rolling in from as far as Australia!

Namecalling is nasty. But RHUL’s Fem Soc have truly turned the tables, and won this fight.

This is one club I definitely don’t mind being part of.


Trend for the week: ‘Knitwear November’

This idea for ‘Trend of the week’ steams from a fabulous fashionista friend of mine, namely Maisie Bov. She’s a gem of a friend by being my studious University chum as well as keen gym buddy. But even more so than that, she oozes style and substance in person and in writing. She’s also inspired this post by coming up with the eventful title ‘Knitwear November’ for this Autumnal month.

So this week I’ll be compiling a photo collage of my knitwear inspired outfits. I’m hardly a fashion icon here, or a fashion blogger, but there’s no harm in a one off. I’ll be layering and embellishing my wardrobe to make them as fashion-forward and practical as possible, but in true Ashna style, they’ll be girly and cute (with the obligatory heel of course).

These posts will be charming I hope, but since make up is more my thing, I’ll keep ’em short and sweet.

Back soon!

A x

Online Gaming & Apps

The addiction to online gaming is deadly.

With games such as Call of Duty, Skyrim and FIFA flying off the shelves, it’s no wonder the gaming industry is booming. I find it odd that even with so many glitches and frustrations, people still go back for more.  FIFA for instance has already recorded over a million pre-order sales for FIFA 14 – crazy! But giving gamers the benefit of the doubt, it’s easy to see why they get roped into the sneaky addictive ways of the games.

You’re enticed to spend money to buy more characters or unlock ‘secret’ levels. You’re also encouraged to buy a gallon of coins to spend on a change of outfit for your player. Honestly, if middle aged cooperate individuals can barely resist the enticement, what chance does a 12 year old child with access to mum and dad’s credit card have?

But you have to give the advertising and marketing teams for the production companies a very big pat of the back; they really are clued up on their target audiences and know exactly what they’re doing in order to sell more copies. You just wonder whether it’s ethically right. I mean surely they know that sticking a ‘Rated 18’ badge on a game isn’t going to prevent a 13 year old getting their hands on it for instance.

But away from these frequently talked about online games, a huge part of the industry problem lies with apps. And I’m no stranger to falling victim to the obsession, that Simpsons Tapped Out Game is a killer. Honestly, it’s hugely addictive but terribly fun to play (and I’m not even a Simpson’s fan!)

Thinking about it briefly, apps have so much influence in today’s society. Even social networking sites have adapted to the app environment. As is often said, ‘there is an app for everything’. Cooking, cleaning, meditating, exercising, flirting – you name it, someone’s on it.

The business is thriving, increasingly so that the film industry can’t resist dabbling in the effects of the internet gaming and modern technology craze. Films such as The Social Network and The Internship draw on the addictions and their popularity on the box office emphasises the power of the industries combined.

It’s taking over the world and I only hope Charlie Brooker catches on the craze in preparation for Black Mirror Series Three.

“Law and order …

“Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

In times like these the people of the United States of America join forces to fight for justice on Trayvon Martin’s behalf. 

Rest In Peace Trayvon Martin.

Part One

I’ve never written a blog before.

Many say it’s hard to write a good one, something compelling and not recycled.

They say your blog needs a purpose?

But what if I just want one space to bring together my collection of thoughts – a pastiche.

I’ve decided to start building one now, at the ripe age of 20, somewhere to build a sustainable source full of the fragments of my imagination. Sorry – I’m beginning to sound like an English teacher.

No matter. Start again.

Hello! My name is Ashna.

At this very moment I’m in the midst of my Summer Holidays away from university.

Come September I’ll be entering the final year of my English Literature degree, exciting I suppose.

Born and bred in the Sussex countryside, I’m thoroughly looking forward to sharing some life snippets with you. And adhering my indecisive nature, this blog will bring together a bit of everything – all the little bits of life that interests me.

Quick list of what to expect?

Lots of travelling snapshots, make-up tips/tricks/favourites, what I get up to in front of and behind the camera, thoughts on my journey through the acting industry as a child, my journey through journalism, oddball moments from my family and a generic compilation of university, life, home and out & about antics.

Fair warning; it’s not meant to be an online diary, but somehow it may turn into one.