I’m Ashna. Sussex born, smiley, literature loving journalist.


I’m quite well travelled, of which I’m eternally thankful for – I’ve learnt alot from the multicultural world we live in. I dream big and like to think I work hard to reach my personal goals. I want to be someone inspirational one day – whether that be a mother, or somebody like Sir Trevor McDonald (I admire him greatly, I really do).

I love: tea, cities, novels, making people smile, multimedia journalism, Shakespeare, magazines which don’t make you think too hard, magazines which do make you think too hard, travelling, awful reality television, brownies, cosmetics, being nosy, and spending time with family.

Career wise, I’m an English graduate of Royal Holloway, University of London aka. Hogwarts – and an MA Broadcast Journalism postgraduate from City University. I am also the woman behind the re-launch  of rhubarbTV in 2012, and consequently won the Mark Lloyd Davis Cup for my work at SURHUL.

I’ve observed many a strange situation in the past twenty (or so) years, some of which I will share with you.

But mostly I will digress (you have been warned) and will often fluctuate between talking about the seriousness of bullying, to the triviality of last Monday’s Made in Chelsea episode.

But alas, whether you read or do not read – I will endeavour to continue to write.


PS. I’m a journalist who loves a good story, so if you have something interesting to share, then I’d love to hear it.

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