Hopping across West Country bays

I’d only ever been to Cornwall twice before.

Once on a caravanning holiday with extended family to Tintagel, and once to Land’s End on one of my Dad ‘must-do’ travel expeditions of driving from the most South-Westerley point of the country to John o’ Groats.

So when I pitched the idea of taking a trip to the West Country for the weekend, it was met with a moan of sorrow from my brother, a questionable look from my mum, and a confused look from my dad. I’ve never been one to propose going on a UK holiday, so this was a little out of the ordinary.

After assuring them I wouldn’t make them stay in a yurt or – god forbid – in a tent (we’d be useless on a Duke of Edinburgh trip) – they were up for a trip to the Cornish coast.


We stayed in the most stunning and unassuming guest house in Launceston with luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets, duck feather duvets and pillows. Egyptian cotton in Cornwall who would’ve thought!

It was a quiet and peaceful place with 9 acres of pure tranquility. Ofcourse though, no house comes without its quirks. The owners had a number of animals on the site, namely chickens, peacocks, dogs and a cat called Willow.


Our rooms overlooked the River Tamar which ran alongside the guest house, placing us slap bang on the border of Devon and Cornwall.

The weekend weather outlook wasn’t the best so we opted to do the South and West of the Cornish coastline on our first day.

First stop was Looe Harbour, and boy was it busy! We managed to get a parking space but just about, people were coming from all over to reside by the river at low tide and flutter amongst the ambience. I really liked the cobbled streets of Looe, particularly the endearing independent shops, that stand out amongst the Co-op and the Boots.


Following a classic cream tea with ample clotted cream and raspberry jam in Looe, we also made it round to see the beach which was full of tourists basking in the 13 degree ‘heat’.

It was here on the harbour that we got chatting to a local who’s dog Barney took a liking to my brother. He suggested we took a drive down to Fowey another coastal town, then onto visit one of his favourite pubs on Polkerris Beach.


Here I am posing at a bay in Fowey. I look like I’m fronting a new geographical show, ‘Ashna’s Coastlines’ anyone?


It was windy, but the salt spray added to the ‘beach waves’ look I was going for.

On the advice of Barney’s owner, we ended up seeing one of the most spectacular sunsets Cornwall had to offer from the wonderful Polkerris Beach.

Hidden away from outsiders, it was a perfect backdrop to watch the waves splash against the coastline and see the sun settle into its blazing abode.

I loved this weekend away, and it reaffirmed my love of the West Country. I’m lucky to get to work in this part of the world. I just hope my next trip down to Devon & Cornwall won’t be too far away in the future!



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