Cape Town, SA

One year on since visiting this stunning city, here’s my random babble of thoughts I never published from my holiday.



I could get used to waking up everyday to this view of Table Mountain.


I need to start off by saying, isn’t Cape Town beautiful? Like really, really beautiful.

It’s not like Johannesburg or Sun City (previous SA destinations I’ve visited) at all – the city reminded me of a splash of Cyprus and a dash of Mauritius. Such lively, vivacious and friendly people and a lovely city, not once did I feel uneasy.

This family vacation surpassed expectations and turned into a cultural, historical, relaxing city break complete with gleaming sunshine and food…lots of food.

Going in December we were convinced it’d be quite empty of tourists, with many opting to spend the festive season at home with families, but boy were we wrong.

Turns out Christmas is great in Cape Town! It’s a sort of secret that people retreat to the Western Cape in December to catch the rays at the end of the year and soak up the sun which is unheard-of in the UK at this time of year.


Part of the Waterfront, we’d swing by here admiring the boats as they pulled into to harbour.

I was so excited preparing to leave, I was more than ready to immerse myself in the dense South African history. Topics of race and diversity fascinate me, so I was keen to understand this country more.

Our hotel was a 2 minutes walk from the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, and used to be a prison. Sounds quite the historian’s dream – but it was really lovely. The architecture was still very prison-like, but the hotel had been converted to accommodate over 600 rooms fully furnished and very quaint. The hotel also shared the building with Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business which was a little bizarre.


Having a roast dinner on Christmas Day in the hot weather of South Africa was the weirdest sensation. We were away from home comforts, but made to feel so at ease in the country – people were so welcoming to us on a special occasion.

We ate, drank and laughed in merriment with the locals and other tourists – it’s always nice to see how other countries do the festive season. I also didn’t shy away from wearing my Santa hat.

While Christmas Day was a spectacular event, it was the day before which I remember most fondly.

I imagine there aren’t many people in the world that can say they spent Christmas Eve on top of Table Mountain. 


Climbing up Table Mountain on Christmas Eve in 2014 – yep iPad in hand – what a journo.


This memory will forever be a fond one.

A cable car ride to the top, a spectrum of tourists there with us to enjoy the ride too – and some trekking over the Table Mountain terrain in a Summer dress. I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

Here’s to the next adventure!




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