Journo tips: How to deal with failure

Poignant post from a fellow City Postgrad Journo. How you deal with failure is a true reflection upon yourself.

Failure is a learning and growing opportunity that is necessary for growth. As this post reiterates, pick yourself up and go for it ten times harder next time.

Return of the hack

This year, I had interviews for three graduate schemes and a six-week internship. I didn’t get a single one of them. I was extremely fortunate to be offered a five-week internship off the back of one, which I enjoyed immensely, but that’s not a clear route into a job.

I have thought about what went wrong in each interview dozens of times.Thankfully (I think) I’ve come to the conclusion that it was a slightly different thing in each one. Not enough experience in one, not enough knowledge of the paper in another – and so on, a catalogue of failures.

Does it make me feel sad that I didn’t get on a grad scheme? Of course it does. It breaks my heart to see my coursemates getting excited (and, equally, complaining) about what they’ll be doing in September – the rascals. I want to be doing it with them, I…

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