Getting to know: ‘Zumba Jess’

I caught up with Jessica Lutchmaya (my Zumba instructor!) for an interview, for altFit London. Check out the full chat below.

altFit London

She’s taking over the South East of the country with her energetic, lease-for-life classes, so altFit decided to catch-up for a quick chat with one of the best Zumba instructor’s around.

Name: Jessica Lutchmaya

Location: South East


What do you do?

I’m a Zumba Instructor as well as a professional dancer. I started dancing at the age of 5, in Mauritius where I grew up. I was surrounded by a lot of different cultures and so was able to experience a variety of dance styles.

When I discovered the Zumba dance craze – a dance inspired by aerobics, drawing from many different styles of dance, with the majority being Latin such as salsa, cha cha and samba etc – I fell in love with the whole concept of helping people become fit and healthy through dance and having fun.


How did you first discover it?

I first discovered Zumba whilst I was on…

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