Today was certainly no ‘easy like a Sunday morning’ for me.


It was in fact an incredibly hardcore, full body workout that ended up being the best start to a Sunday I’ve ever had. All thanks to Boom Cycle.

It was just as though I was cycling in a rave – the high intensity and constant, non-stop movement made my heart rate rocket.  There was no stopping for flat-out 45 mins.

From Chase & Status to Woodkid, the music got the blood-pumping around your body at an exliertating rate – spurred on by the motivation of the instructor, Naomi, we spun like we’ve never cycled before.

Screams of ‘SURGE!‘ and ‘UP and DOWN!‘ gave everyone the encouragement to drive their bodies to the limit.

We wanted to push further and further.

Resistance was building, the music was echoing and the room was dark – no judging, no one looking at you, and candles lit in the dark, giving the Shoreditch basement an air of sophistication.


I left the class feeling energised and rejuvenated, it was a thrilling experience.

No fitness class has left me feeling like this one. The exhilarating post-class feeling was similar to that of riding a rollar-coaster, energetic from start to finish.

I didn’t stop smiling too, truly so much fun! A must do.

Definitely addicted.

My favourite song from the class:


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