Wigwam Rooftop: Shoreditch

Hidden in the cramped cobbles of Shoreditch, I climbed the many flights of stairs of the infamous ‘Queen of Hoxton‘ bar/club – straight to the rooftop.


My destination was ‘Woodlandia‘. Much like Narnia, housed in the woodland and underneath a giant teepee – was a wonderland of beautiful warm Winter treats.

Logs, toad-stalls  and moss-covered tree trunks scatter the rooftop. Everyone is wrapped in tartan scarves & chunky knitwear, toasting marshmallows over cauldrons & small fires.

Fairy lights are draped underneath the glorious teepee, that holds a bar full of goodies. This candle-lit hideaway draws inspiration from Britain’s wild outdoors.


Inside there’s a massive barbecue grill serving up food like Wild Garlic & Rosemary Spiked Lamb and brioche burgers. Then you can enjoy a Winter inspired tipple, with a hot buttered rum, or a ‘Warm & Toasty Toddy’ cocktail from the bar outside.

The WigWam offers a view of the stars, underneath a web of tangled vines, in the heart of London.


If you’re after something cosy & different, this one’s for you.



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