City Novice

Today marks my two month anniversary since moving to the big smoke.


I’m been hurried on the tubes, squished in the buses, running for early morning coffee breaks and begging my bank balance to stay afloat.

Since moving to the Borough of Islington, I’ve managed to get well acquainted with this prime location that has me a 35 minute walk away from Leicester Square, 3 stops from Camden and a 7 minute walk to my lectures everyday.

Here are my (so far) favourite go-to’s. I frequent them so often that honestly I ought to be wearing a shirt that says ‘IF FOUND PLEASE RETURN TO [one of these places]’:

If coffee is needed:

1) ISLINGTON: Goswell Road Coffee House

photo 2

My Italian flatmate says their coffee is fabulous, and I’m not one to disagree.

With free Wi-Fi, chilled, relaxed music, and a place with an eccentric personality – it’s an ideal coffee shop to be in on a Sunday afternoon reading the paper with a coffee without a care in the world.

The people are calm and casual – but this is not one for rushy, business-y ‘places to go, people to see’ type of folk. The is more the scene of the mellow, comfy yogi’s.

I spotted Florence Welsh from Florence in the Machine in there the other day – cool people only.

If you need some old school R&B and cocktails in your life:

2) SHOREDITCH: Casa Negra


I went to Casa Negra on Halloween, and as a person not too keen on dressing-up, this was an ideal venue.

Cocktails were flowing and old school Ashanti and Ne-Yo was playing (I know right!).

I was in my element here, it was a classy venue with an air of sophistication.

It was the kind of place young professionals went to, everyone there was in there mid-twenties to thirties, and all of them were dressed to impress for a Saturday night.

Casa_negra-2 Recommended drink: You can’t put a foot wrong with a Peach and Passionfruit Frozen Margarita (c’est maginifique)

If hungry:

3) CARNABY STREET: The Rum Kitchen

Jerk Chicken, Plantain & Sweet Potato fries.

Jerk Chicken, Plantain & Sweet Potato fries.

A taste of the Caribbean in the heart of London.

Tucked away inside Kingly Court on Carnaby Street, this rustic Jamaican tavern-esque restaurant gives off a warm, inviting aura that tempts your tastebuds right in.

Happy Hour: it'd be rude not to.

Happy Hour: it’d be rude not to.


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