Shadeism. An Update.

Earlier this year I posted an article about ‘Shadeism‘ which received a lot of traffic. It was written as a personal post regarding a matter I feel very strongly about.

Since publishing it I have been approached by men and women alike who found they related to the issues surrounding Colorism and Shadeism.

I take comfort in knowing at least one little girl out there finally felt comfortable with her skin shade after reading about my experiences with the stigma. Bleaching and skin enhancements will not win this fight against Shadeism – so take note sordid bleaching brands!


In my article I specifically referenced The Mindy Project, and the incredible rise of the dark-skinned Indian lead actress, Mindy Kaling.

I quoted a vile tweet which proclaimed that Kaling was too ‘dark‘ for an Indian woman in a sitcom. This tweet has since been deleted from Twitter and after conducting further research, I found some promising and eye-opening tweets from users which have detracted from the shadiest remarks I initially discovered when writing my article:

We still have a long way to go till full acceptance, but these tweets show that there is hope in the ongoing battle against Shadeism. As I said before, Shadeism is a phenomenon that needs to be stopped, but, if you want to change a person, you must first change the awareness of themselves – it starts with consciousness.



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