Too nice to work in TV?

Next week I’m due to start a postgraduate course wherein I will be thrust into the world of Television and Radio Journalism. My naturally kind deposition has often been pointed out to me as a negative, hence my interest in this post. People in the industry have advised that I may need to ‘toughen up’ and shouldn’t ‘play nice’ in the journalistic field. Now, I know I may need to work hard and fight for opportunities as a young journalist breaking into a competitive field – but I really don’t see the need to be ruthless cow.

This blog is profound in it’s advice and wisdom, so thank you Simon Wright!

You'd better work

Have you ever been sat in a work meeting or in the process of employing someone when the phrase, ” but he/she is too nice” has been thrown out. When this is mentioned it usually means there will be a problem. Being “too nice” is seen particularly in television as a weakness. In order to succeed you need to be tough, ruthless and determined, but can’t you succeed and be a thoroughly nice decent human being too? Are they mutually exclusive? When people are “too nice” it’s often felt that they would be walked over, taken advantage of, not taken seriously. Well actually teams in my experience tend to respond better to honesty, kindness, openness and knowing what they can and can’t do. Being “too nice” doesn’t mean letting people run riot but actually pointing it out to them when they do and explaining how they will be perceived and…

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