Pen Pals: postcards, letters & cards

While texting and calling are a convenient and swift method of staying in touch with loved ones, writing letters and postcards do posses a personal touch that technology fails to express.

The excitement of receiving mail I think stems from childhood.

I remember watching my parents opening their mail, and I used to feel a tinge of jealous as to why I didn’t have any mail to my name at 5 years old, apart from on my birthdays.


The idea of opening a letter or card that is especially for you was an exciting thought, and I don’t think that element of surprise as to what you might find inside the envelope will ever go away.

But I’m not just talking about the A5 boring white envelopes you receive from your school, college or bank – I’m specifically referring to the colourful, unusual, handwritten envelopes. Pink, blue, floral or stripy – holding onto something personal that has your name on it is quite exciting.

But as well as receiving personalised mail, I also find the process of creating and writing to someone very enjoyable. It’s a creative release that allows you to express your endearment thorough words, colours and pictures.

This arty element to writing postcards makes it more fun and gratifying – both for the sender and the receiver.

pen2 You can decorate your mail in all sorts of ways!

I like to pick up postcards from artisan shops and market stalls, or even from holidays. I then scour arts and crafts, haberdashery and card shops such as, The Works, Oliver Bonas, The Fabric Store and The Card Factory – for decorative material.

I typically pick up: decorative tape, metallic felt tips, decorative hole punches, stencils, stamps, gems, or even stick-on rhinestones (for a bit of sparkle!). These are inexpensive purchases that allow you to make a standard postcard more exciting.


While sending letters has ceased to be our primary form of communication, it’s usually our favoured method of alerting people about special events such as, birthdays, holidays and weddings.

Due to the rarity of receiving and sending letters, the situation instantly becomes more than it is.


But why should sending letters or postcards be restricted to the formalities of invitations?

A message becomes worth so much more when you’ve taken the time to write it by hand. So why not take a creative leap of faith and start writing – sometimes receiving a note can make an ordinary occasion feel that little bit special.



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