Why Dr. Mindy Lahiri is my kind of role model

Famed for her ‘Mindyisms’ that make the hit US offbeat comedy such a success – Mindy Lahiri owns her position as the main protagonist in the TV show ‘The Mindy Project’.

Friends are often quick to point out that she and I share a passing resemblance, and  I obviously see this as a compliment. After all, she is a witty and pop-culture loving doctor who lives in her own apartment in New York. Who wouldn’t want to be likened to a successful female who preaches about positive body image and radiates comic sensibility?

I’m a Mindy Kaling fan, and her creation of her alter ego ‘Dr. L’ has made her all the more brilliant. In honour of Kaling’s intimate interview with Flare Magazine this month, here are my reasons for why I believe Mindy Lahiri is a girl’s best friend:

  1. She’s comfortable with her body image. If you don’t love yourself, who will?min1
  2. She hates dieting and exercise, and isn’t afraid to admit itmin2
  3. She’s a food-ymin3
  4. She writes the best speechesmin4
  5. She’s a feminist that takes a stand for women everywheremin5
  6. She’s adventurous, but she’s no reckless idiotmin6
  7. She’s aware of the kind of mindless topics of conversation one ought to have over lunchmin7
  8. She’d always be up for a sleepover and movie night, with added Ben & Jerry’s min8
  9. She knows a working woman’s prioritiesmind9
  10. She’s intent on finding her happy endingmin10

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