What has the entertainment industry done to us?

Food for thought

This time last week I spent the whole day giddy with excitement awaiting the MTV Video Music Awards 2014 – was that because I was attending the prolific event, ready to walk the red carpet and eagerly anticipating sitting in the grand Forum in Inglewood, CA rubbing shoulders with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Ed Sheeran?

No, no it wasn’t.

I was in fact just so overcome with excitement purely about watching the awards on television.

Shamefully, I squealed as Beyonce, Jay-Z popped onto the screen, and found myself taken in by the illustrious array of musical talent that was on display.

It was as if I was on a high from the moment it started till right at the end of the show and found my adrenaline furiously pumping – but why? It was bizarre, and from inspecting Twitter, it seems I was not alone.

We’ve turned into leeches feeding off the gossip, glamour and gaudiness of celebrity pop culture.

Why has celebrity culture involved us so? And why are we obsessed or addicted to their lives?

These are questions which have been asked again and again, and people are often quick to blame the media for over-advertising celebrities’ impossible ideals.

How has the world of celebrity become such an investment?

It sickens me to see the amount of money that has gone into surgery enhancements and beauty modifications.

But I’m a hypocrite.

I adore make-up just as much as the next ‘girly’ girl, and would love to have longer eyelashes and whiter teeth. However, I’m fully aware that I crave these adjustments to my appearance in an effort to look more ‘beautiful’ – just like these ‘beautiful’ celebrities we see on screen and in magazines.

There’s undoubtable pressure to look a certain way – this is wrong. But sadly we live in a fickle society of judgement. And despite Beyoncé’s attempt to tell me that ‘I’m beautiful the way I am‘, I can help watching her perform and like every other Yoncé fangirl wailing: ‘I just want to be her!’

If only I were 5 years old again, when I hadn’t a clue what mascara was, and when I would never think to put any pink gunk in my hair for added ‘volume’.



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