Tea Party

Tea parties ooze elegance, artisan, chic, quaint girliness.

Earlier this month my ever talented and creative mum transformed our conservatory into a 1950s tea party.

We had bright pink pom-poms made out of tissue paper that we carefully made following instructions on YouTube, we had cake stands that we’d collected from charity shops and tea cups and saucers sourced from Ebay and charity stores around Bournemouth, West Sussex and Windsor.


Our venue. Bunting. Pom poms. Red cushions and drapery.

So much thought and planning had gone into creating the perfect atmosphere.

We’d invested time in finding a basket for the pink champagne (high tea necessity), gold plated teaspoons that are shaped like seashells, and tea bag pouches. All these little nuances helped create a high-end, swanky dining experience that I’m confident could rival any afternoon tea parlour.


Tea party at sunset.

The colour scheme was predominately, red and pink with the essence of pastels in the décor. Colourful bunting adorned the conservatory, as well as a white wooden table and chairs, and fresh flowers that had been picked the day before.

Every little detail had been covered by my mum, who has really gone to town on this small intimate tea party.

Each tier of the cake stands were brimming with edible delights…


Teapots. Fruit tars. Scones. Doilies.

The lower level housed a dozen triangular sandwiches made from white bread and pittas. Fillings ranged from tuna and sweetcorn, chicken salad and egg and cress.

The middle tier held the warm, buttery scones – perfectly crumbly and scrumptious when topped with clotted cream (which came in it’s own special piece of crockery) and locally produced, fresh strawberry jam. The highest tier in the tower of treats was full of a combination of fondant fancies, salted caramel cupcakes, fruit tarts and chocolate cupcakes.


Fondant Fancy?

These were washed down with a perfect array of warm beverages: Vanilla Chai, Earl Gray, English Breakfast, Green Tea and lemon and water. However if the sweet tooth remained, one could also nibble on marshmallows, suck on a pear drop or indulge in some country fudge.


Teabags in pouches, in a wooden box. Fudge in a radio. Marshmellows in a popcorn box.

After all this preparation and thought that went into creating the perfect afternoon spectacle, I’m convinced my mum ought to have a go at event planning – especially after her handy work doing baby showers too! (https://ashnaspastiche.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/baby-showers/)

The whole affair was a wonderful treat and we both can’t wait to host our next tea party with floral frocks, beehives and all.

Anyone for an invite?



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