Interning: Videos of Monkey’s Taking ‘Selfies’

Today was my last day working at a video-licensing agency.

It’s goodbye to all lovely ten members of the company, toodles to the 4.45am early starts and a ta-rah to hunting for videos of farting giraffes.

Interning at a licensing agency opened my eyes to another side of journalism.

5.30am Train Station Selfie

5.30am Train Station Selfie

The world of User Generated Content is huge in today’s media, and is still an up and coming type of journalism that news organisations and broadcasters are still trying to get their heads around. UGC or ‘crowdsourcing’, basically means videos that have been filmed by ordinary members of the public on their phones/tablets or personal camcorders.

UGC allows citizens to bypass mainstream media entirely and produce content and communicate directly with others through their own videos. Some people call this ‘citizen journalism’. It’s a fascinating trade, and can lead to some big bucks if the video is interesting and if the clients like what they see.

This Summer I went from showbiz television journalism, directly into this new age of interactive/digital journalism, and it wasn’t long after starting at the agency before I caught the bug for finding great videos.

The Newsdesk

The Newsdesk

There is something addictive about scouring Reddit and Say OMG for interesting, funny, bizarre and extraordinary clips. I enjoyed the searching, but also liked the buzz of knowing a video you sourced had been sold.

Overall, my four-month internship was a brilliant experience. I not only learnt how to improve my writing style, confidently communicate with clients, but I also observed how news broadcasters would vary between buying a video of a monkey taking a selfie for £300, to buying a video of a man being trampled by a bull for £100.

The news will never cease to amaze me.

Thanks for having me team!




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