Isle of Wight Festival 2014 – Day One

This month I was kindly invited to join the Bauer Media Entertainments Team at the Isle of Wight Festival 2014.

The adventure was eye-opening and incredible – I’ve never felt so lucky.

I had never been to a festival before, and if I’m honest, I never thought it’d be my kind of thing.

But with the promise of a luxury hotel room for me to stay in, a free pass to the festival and an opportunity to meet and work with the greatest in radio – it was a no-brainer.

Obligatory montage

Obligatory montage

So with my coral handbag and small wheelie suitcase I left for London Waterloo, where I was to meet the other two members of the team I’d be working with (my wonderful boss & the lovely reporter).

Clapham was an absolute pain as delays had hit hard for a Friday commute, but nevertheless I scrambled to the station just in time to catch the train to Portsmouth Harbour.

I was introduced on the train to the Absolute Radio team and the Kiss FM marketing squad who were all very lovely and welcoming; my insecurities of being a mere intern were washed away.

I felt in awe of these City graduates and pro-journalists – but these woes were washed away as soon as I spent the weekend drinking with them in numerous pubs!

We arrived at the festival site by midday and were greeted by a golf buggy. I felt like a celebrity as I was whizzed around to the media hut with all our cases and bags (there was no time for a hotel stop off – we had interviews to do!)


Our first interview was with boyband, Lawson, and from then on we were on a roll and worked until early evening.

The media area was wonderful, Absolute has their own ‘stage’ area with couches and fairy lights for interviews, as well as two porta-cabins to house their OB equipment.

Absolute also had a lovely grand teepee that was full of bean-bags and cushions with a TV inside (an area we would be watching the England v Italy World Cup game from the following night).

The teepee was a wonderful addition, and at night looked really pretty as it was lit in purple lights and adorned with purple accessories, the renowned Absolute brand colour.


By dinner, I was starving, but I was still dizzy with excitement at being at a festival.

I was keen to jump in and experience the celebrated festival, being surrounded by celebrities made us all giddy with festival vibes.

Before long my boss announced that we should get some dinner before seeing the evening’s acts!

I was more than happy to oblige – and to my astonishment we were granted access to the VIP Absolute Radio suite/conservatory/uber-cool-snazzy area, with a killer view of the stage, private (ultra clean) porta-loos and free (delicious) food.

I was overwhelmed – this was luxury.

And in comparison to the festival horror stories, this was a whole new side to festival living. Did I feel spoilt? 100%.

But that feeling quickly wore off as I settled into the atmosphere and began absorbing the environment. The weather had been blissfully hot, so everyone was in a great mood– I ate dinner with the team and as we treated ourselves to free drinks, I began to feel super excited about seeing Rudimental and Calvin Harris live.


The Absolute VIP suite, had a giant balcony that overlooked the crowd, and boasted a great view of the stage.

I danced the evening away before finally heading back to the hotel with my boss for an early night’s kip. The taxi-ride was a good 30 mins away from the festival site, in a beautiful serene town called Seaview.

We stayed in the ‘Seaview Hotel’, an adorable and perfectly quaint hotel that overlooked the channel. I was in awe of the place and totally fell in love with the town.

By boss and I dropped our bags in our room and headed down to the Hotel Bar where we chilled out with a glass of wine and some sandwiches that had been especially prepared for us (VIP treatment eh!).

We were shortly joined by the rest of the Absolute Radio team, and after a good ol’ natter and ‘get to know’ chitchat with all the media folk, it was time for bed.

For the first day, I was buzzing but completely exhausted. I finally found repose at 1am, and having been awake for 20 hours – I needed some sleep.

I was wholly content, but still had the nerves of knowing how many interviews awaited us the next day – the whole of Bauer was relying on us to create great content, and as an intern I wanted to do an excellent job.

As I considered the possibility of what awaited me the following day, I was quickly lulled to sleep by the soft sound of the waves brushing against the shore.

Day Two was just around the corner.



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