Le Fin.

On 12th May, I handed in my last ever, English assignment at Royal Holloway. finito

21,000 words had been written over the course of four weeks and I was glad to see the back of them. Although, for once I really felt like I’d put my all into the final two essays. One about discussing the significance of ‘eyes’ in Dickens’ work, and (as disgusting as it sounds) the second was about discussing the depiction of ‘sweat’ in Christopher’s Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta.

Handing in my final undergraduate essays was a poignant feat; I couldn’t believe it was all over. It had all culminated to this precise moment. I was overwhelmed with a sense of relief, dumfounded-ness and exhaustion.

After a celebratory hug with a friend, and in managing to compose myself instead of breaking down into tears of joy, we skipped along the English corridor and I exclaimed ‘Oh my god, we’ll never walk this corridor ever again!’ But to my disdain, my friend was quick to point out that in fact we would be setting foot in the department again…on results day. But, I’m not thinking about that right now.

We spent the next few hours dozing in the Founders Quad surrounded by the other fellow English students who has also finished. We were all buzzing, by I was still in a dazed state of incredulity – had I really just finished my degree?

Our day then continued in Windsor, as we walked around the town, shopping, eating and laughing carelessly.

These next few months will be surreal – new chapters are beginning and when September crawls back round, it really will be strange to not be returning to Holloway’s beautiful grounds once again.

But until then, I’ve got a Summer Ball, Graduation ceremony, red-carpet premieres, festivals and a holiday to attend – so I best not dwell on the future.

I’m also back in the spirit of writing so see you (very) soon!



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