Pink, Blue, Yellow & Green: Day 4

quadThe sun is beaming this Thursday afternoon, and the SURHUL electoral candidates and their campaign teams are out in full force.

We’ve seen fruit, stickers, bubble-pots, and leaflets being distributed, all in a bid to gain those all important votes from the students on campus.

The teams are dressed in a rainbow of colours with one candidate even making use of glitter to accessorize her campaign t-shirts. Everyone seems to be smiling and whilst many students are fleeing from the central areas of campus in a bid to steer clear of being harassed by eager campaigners – this doesn’t seem to dampen the elections spirit.

Excitement is further brewing in anticipation for tonight as rhubarbTV will be broadcasting the Candidates Question Time II LIVE from 6.30pm, it will comprise of an excellent multicam stream (I know I’m biased), so tune in if you still can’t decide who to vote for. (

I am loving the hype around elections this year. Everyone is starting to believe that we can change our university and the only way we’ll continue to do that, is to get involved and vote for fellow students who you believe will make a difference.

Don’t waste someone else’s talents, especially if it’s going to benefit you – so be sure to vote from midnight tonight!


A x


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