Going Viral


Yesterday, my essay-writing library session was interrupted by a bombardment of messages from of a friend of mine now living in the States.

She was full of excitement in asking me whether I’d seen this ‘hilarious’ and ‘brilliant’ election video from a Royal Holloway student who had parodied Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’. She claimed that ‘everyone’ on her campus was talking about it, and that this student was a ‘genius’.

Puzzled and confused as to why my friend thousands of miles away had managed to hear about the video way before I had – I cautiously, I headed over to YouTube only to discover the video had already received a staggering 3000 views in a matter of hours.

It was then I began to realise the magnanimity of what had been created.

Recently SURHUL has allowed their election candidates to make their own campaign videos.

We’ve seen cringey forced humour, static, boring ‘Vote for me because I’m great’ spiels and among the most recent of crazes, song lyric-dubbing, which as of yesterday, has got everyone talking.

Student politics has suddenly gone from ‘drool’ to ‘cool’ in under 24 hours, with the video having made national news this morning.

The video has indeed gone viral and I dread to imagine the amount of emails and tweets from more national press the candidate, who is running for one of the four Sabbatical positions at SURHUL, has been inundated with.

The parody music video features a variant of RHUL’s sporting finest, and its popularity has caused a buzz on Royal Holloway’s campus.

Now, I know it has been done before, but I do admire the skill and planning that has clearly been demonstrated in the video, it rivals any video project of a Media Arts student, let alone another candidate’s election video.

The Mirror may mark it as ‘cringeworthy’ but I think it’s student politics at its finest and oozes, hardwork, charisma and dedication.

Well blooming done.



Note: I may respect the video in question, but I will be voting for the candidates based purely on their policies and overall for those who I believe will make outstanding officers. Good luck to all the candidates! #SURHULelects14


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