Elizabeth Day inspired me.

“Whether as a 3am girl, a war reporter or a Lois Lane, journalism can be a rewarding, brilliant and challenging profession.”

Personally, I can’t wait for the daily routine of hearing my alarm go off at 3am every weekday morning.

Check social media, jump in the shower, and hop in the car to work (missing the standard rush hour traffic because it’s THAT early), arriving at the studio and jumping into hair & make up whilst reading that morning’s newspapers. My dream job. Doesn’t Breakfast TV appeal to all?

I love the news, I adore it in fact, since I was little I’ve always craved Lorraine Kelly’s career. I want that job and longevity! “Anchoring is my dream” said 6 year old me.

Everything I’ve ever done, from the acting and commercial work to the managing of a student television station, has always been career motivated.

I want to be a journalist that badly. But I’m not alone, the industry is getting more and more competitive every second – with luck be a weighty pendulum.

Away from my fantasy world though, today I read a stunning review by Elizabeth Day (arguably one of the most successful and witty journalists around) “Why women love journalism”.

It’s gripping, concise, relatable and so-darn-true, which is why I felt the need to share it on the last day of 2013.

If you feel like being inspired, give it a gander – I’m actually even considering quoting her in my MA Personal Statement…too far?



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