2013: Here’s a thought..

I’m off again – On the second day of the New Year, I’m nipping away for my first holiday of 2014, popping over to the Algarve for a few nights. With a 3500 word 100% assessed essay awaiting me on my return from my travels, it’s going to be hard to relax, but a holiday is not something I would say ‘no’ to.

I’ve been to Porto, Portugal only once before, so I’m intrigued as to what awaits me in the Algarve. I’m slightly afraid of stumbling into a destination similarly to Tenerife or Benidorm, will I encounter such delights such as: greasy food, English pubs and black sanded beaches? I really hope not, but we are all in need of a break over here and a holiday is a holiday.

2013 has been a good year, but I wouldn’t say a ‘great’ one, it started alright and slowly diminished in thrills nearer the end of the year – I think we all need some rest to be frank. I’ve grown up a lot (figuratively speaking) but to be honest, I’m annoyed at how little I remember! In 2013 I worked on Rizzle Kicks’ music video, went to Barbados, Mauritius, then New York, turned 21, became a gym-user (that’s an achievement, believe me), began my final year at university, became an interim Features Editor of student magazine, started writing for the student newspaper, made the roast dinner on Christmas Day and got re-elected as Station Manager of the TV station. A lot. But still not enough.

Having received a journal this Christmas, I think documenting more of what I get up to throughout 2014 will be something my future self will be grateful of. Writing for pleasure is always a welcome treat, and will make a change from the giant 8000 word essays that will fast approach me once the new term starts. Here’s an idea – why don’t I make my New Year resolution just to be happier and more carefree? It’s high time I realised that essays, grades, meetings and seminars aren’t what life is all about. Who cares if I miss going to the gym for one day, I shouldn’t get tied down with that grief! And who cares if you get 62% on an exam instead of 80% – because sooner or later I’m going to be ‘moving on up’ and 10 years down the line, I really won’t give a toss.

Happy New Year folks! 



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