Trend for the week: ‘Knitwear November’

This idea for ‘Trend of the week’ steams from a fabulous fashionista friend of mine, namely Maisie Bov. She’s a gem of a friend by being my studious University chum as well as keen gym buddy. But even more so than that, she oozes style and substance in person and in writing. She’s also inspired this post by coming up with the eventful title ‘Knitwear November’ for this Autumnal month.

So this week I’ll be compiling a photo collage of my knitwear inspired outfits. I’m hardly a fashion icon here, or a fashion blogger, but there’s no harm in a one off. I’ll be layering and embellishing my wardrobe to make them as fashion-forward and practical as possible, but in true Ashna style, they’ll be girly and cute (with the obligatory heel of course).

These posts will be charming I hope, but since make up is more my thing, I’ll keep ’em short and sweet.

Back soon!

A x


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