Frequent Flyer

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel and visit various countries throughout my life courtesy of my parents. This meant that I’ve become accustomed to flying in aeroplanes since I was a baby. I’m so used to flying that sleeping, eating and spending time in the air has become second nature to me.

I always find it pretty incredible how the giant ton Boeings and Airbuses manage to fly so streamlined through the air. And it’s increasingly impressive how quickly you can travel to a country and be in a different environment within hours. My expeditions have taken me across the globe from the glorious sands of St. Lucia, to the far reaching fascinating city of Tokyo and of course the party destination of Las Vegas.

From the long haul flights to the mini round trips, travelling is an education and an invaluable experience. Observing different cultures and ways of living shapes you as a person and allows you to become for grateful and modest about your quality of life – especially making you realise how lucky you are compared to others.

Taking pictures on vacation is a no brainer, even if it seems pointless taking a picture of something so menial at the time, in months to come when looking back on your holidays snaps, you realise that photographs are invaluable personal momentos. Expanding on from pictures and souvenirs though, I find my scrapbook to be my most prized possession. My holidays scrapbook contains a variant of plane tickets, tour brochures, hotel wristbands, pebbles and currency that I’ve collected whilst on vacation. Compiled together, the finished product is a rustic and beautiful souvenir of my time away – I thoroughly recommend starting one, its never too late!


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