Mauritian Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are long, that much is a known fact. But they’re also beautifully exuberant and daring.

One of four wedding outfits

One of four wedding outfits!

The Indian formal wear that donned so many family and friends at this wedding were bright, embellished and colourful. Just as you’d expect!

The Asian fashion market is huge and with so many saris and churidars on show, it made the event even more spectacular and eye catching.

Everyone pulled out all the stops on their hair, make up and outfits, donning their best gear for the event of the year.

With so many religious systems involved in the Indian marriage ceremony, it’s no wonder the whole process spans over 4 days.

But 4 days amounts to a lot of stress, anxiety and rushing around, especially when your close relative is the bride!

There was so much preparation and organising to do as soon as we landed in Mauritius. The 3 of us were immediately swept up in the hustle, bustle and excitement of the wedding prep that there was barely enough time to acknowledge the family we hadn’t seen for five years.

There was jewellery to buy, outfits that needed tailoring and cleaning and decorating to be done – everyone was expected to help out.

But despite the crazy atmosphere, I loved being around my family. Cousins, aunties, uncles and my nanny, I hadn’t seen them all in so long. But of course the bride herself was the person most caught up in the excitement.

Being my close cousin and being similar in age, it was nice to have a laugh with her before she entered married life. We chatted and giggled about the uncanniness of tying the knot, a few years ago we never would’ve thought we’d be at her wedding so soon. But arriving a week before the wedding allowed us to properly catch up.

The wedding passed seemlessly, without of course it’s fair sprinkling of family dramas and mishaps.

Indian weddings mark the poignant moment the bride leaves her family home for good – this was the most upsetting part to witness. Many tears were shed and even two weeks on, my auntie says she still feels great loss at her daughter having moved out.

It was striking to see the strong family bond being torn apart. Such a moment doesn’t occur in other Western weddings I’ve been too – it seems the dramatic moment is only present at Indian ones.

But behind the glitz and beauty of the wedding, this was the saddest of moments, watching the car drive away with the tearful bride and the distraught mother being left behind, it made clear how powerful the impact a child has on their parents’ lives.

There really is no stronger or deeper unconditional love than that of a parent and child. The instance of a child moving away from their family home, marks the moment they must build a just as strong family foundation as they were raised in.


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