Holiday Packing

Cuba 2012

Cuba 2012

Packing to go on holiday is such a chore.

Sure, I’m not complaining, the fact you’re even going on holiday is great; but the packing is just laborious. For living in Britain and going somewhere hot means dusting off the old summer dresses that you only bring out 7 days a year. Forgetting things is the worst too, believe me, there’s nothing like the feeling of dread you get when you arrive at your destination and unpack your hair straighter only to find you’re missing a travel adaptor. Or there’s the other nightmare of having forgotten to pack pyjamas or your toothbrush. Also, once you leave for the airport one can never stop that niggling feeling of certainty that you’ve forgotten something at home.

Some say that unpacking from a holiday is much worse: the dirty laundry, the sadness at the definite realisation that your holiday is over and the inevitable going back to your daily routine. Unpacking from your vacation is the first thing to face up to, I find that once the laundry is on the go, I immediately notice the small collection of ‘stuff’ lingering in my suitcase. Boarding pass, maps, the hotel pen, pile of brochures and such like – I convince myself that these faded bits of memorabilia will one day transpire into a scrapbook (which they sometimes do) but more often than not, they end up lying around for years and fade into wasted memories and junk.

But the reason I’m harping on about packing is because it’s the current prime activity that has taken hold of my life. Why? Well, I’m off on holiday to Mauritius this Saturday. I’m excited to see my family members out there, and with it being my cousin’s wedding, I’m looking forward to getting dolled up Indian style. I’ll definitely be blogging on the holiday and will be sure to spill all on my Indian wedding wear as it’s not often that I get to glam up in saris and all.

So as a consequence of my packing, I’ve drawn together my top three effective tips for holiday packing:

1)    Surround the sandals – Bury your shoes in small items of clothing and underwear; pack them at the bottom of the case and surround them with small items so that you fill every nook and cranny of your suitcase. Lots of space can actually be wasted by not filling a bag correctly!

2)    Roll it gal – Roll every items that can be rolled, especially your tailored things to avoid excessive creasing.

3)    Dress to impress – Dresses are staple for holidaying and are my personal favourite item to wear abroad. Dress them down with flats and sandals for general day wear (particularly sandals and sunglasses for the beach) but also dress it up with heels and lipstick for the night time. Three looks in one item = sorted.


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