Online Gaming & Apps

The addiction to online gaming is deadly.

With games such as Call of Duty, Skyrim and FIFA flying off the shelves, it’s no wonder the gaming industry is booming. I find it odd that even with so many glitches and frustrations, people still go back for more.  FIFA for instance has already recorded over a million pre-order sales for FIFA 14 – crazy! But giving gamers the benefit of the doubt, it’s easy to see why they get roped into the sneaky addictive ways of the games.

You’re enticed to spend money to buy more characters or unlock ‘secret’ levels. You’re also encouraged to buy a gallon of coins to spend on a change of outfit for your player. Honestly, if middle aged cooperate individuals can barely resist the enticement, what chance does a 12 year old child with access to mum and dad’s credit card have?

But you have to give the advertising and marketing teams for the production companies a very big pat of the back; they really are clued up on their target audiences and know exactly what they’re doing in order to sell more copies. You just wonder whether it’s ethically right. I mean surely they know that sticking a ‘Rated 18’ badge on a game isn’t going to prevent a 13 year old getting their hands on it for instance.

But away from these frequently talked about online games, a huge part of the industry problem lies with apps. And I’m no stranger to falling victim to the obsession, that Simpsons Tapped Out Game is a killer. Honestly, it’s hugely addictive but terribly fun to play (and I’m not even a Simpson’s fan!)

Thinking about it briefly, apps have so much influence in today’s society. Even social networking sites have adapted to the app environment. As is often said, ‘there is an app for everything’. Cooking, cleaning, meditating, exercising, flirting – you name it, someone’s on it.

The business is thriving, increasingly so that the film industry can’t resist dabbling in the effects of the internet gaming and modern technology craze. Films such as The Social Network and The Internship draw on the addictions and their popularity on the box office emphasises the power of the industries combined.

It’s taking over the world and I only hope Charlie Brooker catches on the craze in preparation for Black Mirror Series Three.


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