Baby Showers


bbs3Being asked to be a Maid of Honour is both exciting and daunting; there is so much pressure to ensure you’re providing the best support and enjoyment for your friend’s big day. Being entrusted to plan and host a Baby Shower however, also comes with very similar feelings of worry and panic, but more so lots of excitement.

It’s also worth mentioning that planning one Baby Shower is hard enough, but being asked to plan TWO separated by only one week is considerably nerve-wracking! I was honoured to have been asked by two close friends to take on the challenge, but having only been to one previous Baby Shower in the past, I was hardly clued up on where to start with the organising. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very organised person, but with bunting, balloons, food, dummies, nappies, bottles and the like floating around my head all on top of exams, I was feeling the pressure and hadn’t a clue where to begin. bbs9

Albeit one thing stood in my favour, both mums-to-be were having baby boys which made life easier by confirming that everything I needed for both Showers was to be blue. It also meant I could re-use a lot of the decoration to save on cost. I was also very aware that my point of contact were 2 both very heavily pregnant (and hormonally charged) women.  In hindsight, they really weren’t moodswing-y at all, but it still was a feared inhibiting factor towards the planning of the Showers…

Homemade Cupcake Favours

Homemade Cupcake Favours

Regardless, my mum was a gem. Doing all the research for me, my job was simply to source all of the goods and supplies we’d need to put on a couple of good shows. We set to work almost immediately on making our own bunting by cutting out triangles out of blue and white paper and sticking them on streamers. We also printed off many little pictures and images of generic ‘baby stuff’ to stick on banners just to customize them.

DIY Baby Nappies made out of tissue.

DIY Baby Nappies made out of tissue.

Elsewhere, the games were to be a huge part of the event. Many guests of baby showers look forward to this part the most. I ended up spending roughly £20 or so on games to entertain the guests and in the end we had a sufficient list of great games to keep everyone entertained throughout the events:

1) A-Z List – involves each member or each team compiling a list of baby objects each one starting with a letter of the alphabet. The team with the most objects on their list would win.

2) Guess the Poo – the host would bring out a selection of nappies each with a different ingredient inside that resembles baby’s poo. Guests are encouraged to guess what the ‘poo’ is either by smelling, tasting or observing it. bbs4

3) Get the baby out of the lollipop by just sucking (sounds rude, but honestly is hilarious) – I thought of this game when I saw you could buy miniature baby figurines online which you could place inside a lollipop which the players would suck in order to get the babies out.

Edible Baby Dummies made from Jelly Beans, Polos and Icing Sugar

Edible Baby Dummies made from Jelly Beans, Polos and Icing Sugar

4) Stick the dummy on the baby – Pin the tail on the donkey premise which involves the whole group

5) Nursery rhyme game – Filling in the blanks of well known nursery rhymes

6) Who can drink the milk the fastest – Drinking game with baby bottles, the bottles can be filled with any beverage. I used chocolate milkshake for mine!

The games were fabulous, and were incredibly funny to watch. It also involved the whole group of guests and ensured everyone enjoyed themselves.

Nappies full of sweets and treats for the guests to enjoy.

Nappies full of sweets and treats for the guests to enjoy.

As an extra add on to the Showers I also made sure I purchased a sash for each of the Yummy Mummies to wear, there are many varieties online including some options to personalise the sashes.


Overall, both Showers passed incredibly well and both mums-to-be were ecstatic with their respective events and very grateful. After the last one I slept stress-free and even managed to let my hair down and enjoy the events too in the end. If ever you get the chance to attend a Shower or even organise one, then definitely go for it. They make for a great day out and is a great celebration of the pregnancy before the exciting (and dreaded tough times) of parenting begins!


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