Rizzle Kicks, “Lost Generation”

Me with my backstage pass. Clearly a overjoyed look of surprise - if there exists such an expression?

Me with my backstage pass. Clearly a overjoyed look of surprise – if there exists such an expression?

“Yo, it’s been a long week, how I’ve got this much energy is beyond me.”

New friends, make-up artists, stylists, professional dancers, HSI Producers, a couple of incredibly talented directors and Rizzle Kicks. To say the least, what a crazy experience.


The crew t-shirt!

GoThinkBig provided the opportunity for roughly 30 young people to shadow shift and work on Rizzle Kicks’ music video of their new single ‘Lost Generation’. Taken from their second studio album, The Roaring 20s, Lost Generation is due to be released in August and is a great upbeat summer tune. I first heard it on Monday when the duo premiered the track on BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show, it instantly got the creative juices flowing and I couldn’t wait to begin working on the video. The production company were allowing us to be spontaneous and lead the direction of the video.

I arrived in London and met the fellow young people I’d be working with, all of whom I were fascinated by. They came from all walks of life: some were dancers, and some were background artists and many were young producers. I was overwhelmed at the talent and was increasingly shocked to realise that in fact 3000 applications were submitted for the opportunity and only 30 or so had made it, everyone ranging from 16-25 years old. We were chaperoned by the lovely people from GoThinkBig and ThinkBig, who were caring, accommodating and made sure we were getting the most out of the opportunity.

View from outside the accommodation. Central London, UK

View from outside the accommodation. Central London, UK

We were encouraged to be inquisitive and ask questions to the many people on set, for me, I found the networking most invaluable. I think I’ve got around 12 business cards floating around my bag. You just never know when you’re going to need someone in the industry and it’s good to build up a black book of contacts regardless of your desired profession! My involvement in student media and the acting industry also made me a prime target for many questions, I found myself handing out advice on how to book auditions and top tips of how to impress a casting director, it was surprising to realise that they were learning from me just as much as I was learning from them.

As with being on any set, there was ALOT of waiting around and it was tough trying to keep energy levels up. Controversially I enjoyed this time in particular since many of us were chilling on the trailers or on the Extra’s bus. We kept ourselves entertained with many games of UNO, doing interviews for the Behind the Scenes crew and reading Heat magazine. I may just mention here that the catering was amaaaazing, tons of food and delicacies which made me feel incredibly spoilt for choice.

The Hair & Make-up trailer

The Hair & Make-up trailer

This downtime was also the key prime moment in which we interacted the most with the people on set. It’s also worth mentioning here that both Harley and Jordon (Rizzle Kicks) were utterly lovely guys. They chatted to everyone and made sure to involve all of the crew, highlighting their humble and lovable natures. It was furthermore, so much fun watching them ‘do their thing’ on the shoot, they could just switch on and switch off to make sure the director got the shots he wanted.

The dancers rehearsing on set.

The dancers rehearsing on set.

Personally though, I found the dancers the most impressive, the shoot began at 7am on the Wednesday morning and the dancers only had half of the morning to learn the whole routine and perfect it in time for them to film. Watching them practice and perform was great, even Rizzle Kicks got into it and the public couldn’t stop watching the performances on location.

The video is due to premier in 2 weeks time and I’ll be sure to post it on here when it launches. Overall, the opportunity was great and aside from my designated role, I was also a background artist for one of the scenes! (Very exciting indeed) I also can’t complain since the free t-shirt I got was pretty snazzy, and not to mention all the free goodies supplied by O2 were very cool. So finally, a huge thank you to GoThinkBig, O2 and Rizzle Kicks, I thoroughly loved it.


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