The UK Education System

Students really do work hard. If you think about it, university students have been striving in education since the age of five. We’re pushed to consistently meet expectations of teachers and excel in the curriculum constructed by the government. Education as far as I’ve observed from a young age is forcing students to regurgitate force-fed information onto an exam paper. It’s not fair and doesn’t inspire children to think for themselves or use their imaginations. It also causes unnecessary stress during the exam period.


I’m not saying the education system is awful, I’ve simply seen that the strict regiments enforced upon children to ensure we’re kept in line, and are made to think, feel and believe the same principles, is completely wrong. I’m also saying that the way we test education through exams papers with strict time limits in huge, echoic exam halls aren’t a sound way to test intelligence.

You begin to see changes as you grow older and move up the education ladder. The lack of spoon feeding when you enter the college and university years of education opens your eyes to independent thinking. Suddenly it’s okay to reject the norm, and think outside the box and counter argue against huge critical thinkers. Its part of the reason I’ve stuck with the education system up until thus far.

I don’t yet know whether a Postgraduate degree is in the pipeline for me, but I’m thankful that I’ve succeeded in doing an Undergraduate degree so far. I’d love to continue in education, I think I like the security of it. It means I don’t need to worry about the working world since being in education is somewhat a safe, secure bubble. I don’t know what the future holds, but I certainly don’t think that I’d reject the idea of doing another degree somewhere in the future.


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