You might be wondering who on earth names a student television station rhubarbTV?

logoA couple of pretty clever dudes I would say. Royal Holloway’s Unique Broadcasting and Recording Brand (RHUBARB), founded in 2010 Rhubarb is a television station run by and for the students of Royal Holloway, UoL. And since starting university, it remains a huge part of my university life outside of my academic work.

483646_556365741063357_702712410_n After Rhubarb losing its footing and collapsing after the graduation of its founders – Rhubarb was renovated and regenerated (think Doctor Who style) in November 2012, when I was elected as Rhubarb’s first ever Station Manager. In a campus-wide election I stood against another strong candidate to attempt to win the role. Thankfully it swung my way and since being elected I’ve strived to win over the hearts of the Holloway students with a brand new TV station. 601248_555475371152394_342770813_nMany thought I was incapable of making something of it; some even used my gender against me. Women in media aren’t favoured in the real world, let alone in the student world, and I began to notice it from the beginning. Often my initial shy nature can be mistaken for weakness. But away from the dramatics, I got myself some board members and alongside the Vice President Communications & Campaigns (who was undeniably helpful) began the rebuilding. rhuba See, Royal Holloway are already blessed with three great media outlets, Insanity Radio 103.2 FM, The Orbital magazine and The Founder independent newspaper. And consequently, I was convinced there was a market for a TV station. I worked alongside the VP Com Cam and my team, filming videos and collecting footage from random student events. Bearing in mind, Rhubarb only had one camera and one iMac purchased from the annual fund to our name. Not to mention working out of a portacabin has been far from easy. 480543_555572381142693_1143755837_n Until finally – we were something. Rhubarb was off the ground and running. People know who we are and what we’re about (finally) and I’ve never been more excited about a Freshers Week since it’ll be our first one as a running station. blog We’re pelting through now, with a soap opera in the midst as well as a few new shows in the pipeline. Next year should be interesting, and hopefully our best one yet. Graduating next year with Rhubarb behind me fill definitely be a proud moment. rhubI hope to dedicate a proportionate section of my blog to Rhubarb, and will continue to post Rhubarb news and gossip here as it’s currently a big commitment in my student life. This primary post isn’t meant to be sappy, it’s meant to show a journey – and hopefully a journey towards success!



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