Part One

I’ve never written a blog before.

Many say it’s hard to write a good one, something compelling and not recycled.

They say your blog needs a purpose?

But what if I just want one space to bring together my collection of thoughts – a pastiche.

I’ve decided to start building one now, at the ripe age of 20, somewhere to build a sustainable source full of the fragments of my imagination. Sorry – I’m beginning to sound like an English teacher.

No matter. Start again.

Hello! My name is Ashna.

At this very moment I’m in the midst of my Summer Holidays away from university.

Come September I’ll be entering the final year of my English Literature degree, exciting I suppose.

Born and bred in the Sussex countryside, I’m thoroughly looking forward to sharing some life snippets with you. And adhering my indecisive nature, this blog will bring together a bit of everything – all the little bits of life that interests me.

Quick list of what to expect?

Lots of travelling snapshots, make-up tips/tricks/favourites, what I get up to in front of and behind the camera, thoughts on my journey through the acting industry as a child, my journey through journalism, oddball moments from my family and a generic compilation of university, life, home and out & about antics.

Fair warning; it’s not meant to be an online diary, but somehow it may turn into one.



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